Story Behind the Company

Every good company spotlights a story of inspiration behind the vision and mission.

At Makin’ Thyme Catering, Inc., we recognize that many families and individuals lack the time to prepare healthy, delicious meals. During our many years of having to package and travel with food to remote Northern workplaces, as well as performing the business of raising a young family while juggling busy schedules, the owners of Makin’ Thyme Catering, Inc., developed a plan inspired by concern for the health of one of our young members. She was working long hours with barely enough time for sleep, let alone healthy meal planning. As her concerned mother, I commissioned another member of our team to make healthy meals that would last her for two weeks while she worked long hours as a prep chef at one of our well-known local restaurants in Winnipeg. I was also concerned with bringing balance and health to her life that would inspire her to know her value and be respected for her natural talents as a growing young professional. The desire to create a workplace of growth and inspiration planted the seed for a new career option that involved both teamwork and promoting health. The idea expanded as we began brainstorming, recognizing that many individuals and families struggle with similar challenges. These personal needs, along with the recognized problem associated with healthy, transportable meals for the many professional travelers working in Northern Canada, have brought Makin’ Thyme Catering, Inc., into existence. It is our desire to foster a company that is motivated towards “Healing Hearts” through health and wellness in the medium of an organic, local farmers market and the love we instill through our home-cooked meals. Our motto, “Healing Hearts,” means more than physical health—it is a promotion of love and value towards the needs of both our clients and our humanitarian projects. We desire to bring balance and simplicity to our clients’ lives by taking care of them through well-balanced, creative meals that begin to build a healthier world and society. Enjoy what we have prepared for you!

Makin’ Thyme Catering, Inc., is healing hearts through inspired meal plans packaged and prepared for easy remote transport to Northern locations, for busy families and individuals looking for organic, non-processed food sources that are farmers’ market fresh and home cooked for your table.


At Makin’ Thyme, we are in the Business of building more time for our clients to live Healthier more Connected Lives!

Our Strategy

The strategy of Makin’ Thyme Catering, Inc., is to focus on the customer experience. We are not just selling a product and providing a service; we are promoting a campaign that unifies families, simplifies lives, gives back to our communities, and promotes health and wellness across Canada. This premise drives every decision we make.

Our Business Philosophy

  • Makin’ Thyme Catering, Inc., operates with the highest level of integrity and business ethics.
  • We establish relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and other professionals without regard to an individual’s race, culture, religion, sex, or personal choices.
  • Our customers are the reason that we are in business.
  • Makin’ Thyme Catering, Inc., conducts all business activities in anticipation of mutual benefit.
  • Our kitchens offer a safe, comfortable, and supportive atmosphere where customers and employees truly benefit from and enjoy the time they spend working together, in addition to visiting our website and consulting with our experts in dietary health plans and options.
  • Makin’ Thyme Catering, Inc., is a responsible, environmentally sensitive corporate citizen and an active member of its local communities.